What's on your wish list today? From authentic philly cheesesteaks to fresh grilled mahi salads, we are bringing the flavors of Miami straight to you.


Real Philly Cheesesteaks, fresh from Miami.
Place your order for one of our mouthwatering steak and chicken phillies.
Four styles, endless flavor.


The gyro you need. Traditional gyro meat or chicken - perfectly seasoned and slow roasted.
Topped with our tzatziki sauce, tomato, lettuce & onion.


100% Fresh. Never Frozen. Angus steak burgers topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles.
Served on brioche rolls. Delish.


Perfect for Game Day. Choose between crispy, grilled, boneless,
or naked wings and order the sauce that feels right. From 5-, 10-, to 20-piece platters.


Classic, and satisfying. Heaping servings of meatballs, turkey, or tuna on heavenly sub rolls.
Piled high with topings that enhance.


Grilled and crispy options for your favorite chicken entrees.
Try savory chicken pitas and platters, grilled or crispy sandiwiches and tender plates.


Light on the calories, full on the flavors.
Perfectly portioned fresh chicken and garden salads with your choice of dressing.


Crispy Fish. Grilled Mahi. Blackened Shrimp & more.
However you want your seafood - salad, sandwich, or platter - we serve it up hot and delicious.


Traditional and specialty breakfasts, cooked to order.
From hearty breakfast platters to pitas and sandwiches, we'll start you out warm, and full.


From Nashville Hot to Jammin' Jerk, we've got your flavors filled and ready for your order.
Order sauces on the side or smothered all over. We won't judge either way.


Definitely try Miami's own key lime pie. And then the cookies, cheesecake, ice cream, and milkshakes.
Available in-restaurant, drive through, and for delivery. Go ahead and make it two.


Simple and delicious. Calm your craving for the nation's most beloved hotdog,
dressed how you like, with a side of Nathan's crinkle cut fries. A true classic.

KID Meals

Perfectly portioned kids plates. Choose from the hamburger, chicken nuggets, or a hot dog.
Meals come with side, cookie and drink

Bar Bites & Sides

Add onto your plate, share with friends, or snack on them alone.
Our Bar Bites & Sides are perfect stand-alone snacks and side items.


What will quench your thirst. Or dim that hot wings heat?
Enjoy your pick of fountain drinks, juice, and water.


From Miami
With Love

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