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Sign up today and start earning points on your first purchase, receive a $5 reward for every 75 points earned ($1 = 1 point). Plus, get exclusive offers and a free milkshake on your birthday, Best of all, skip the line and order ahead straight from the app!

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How It Works

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Register with either on the website or by downloading and registering on the app or by Clicking Here.


Order food and automatically begin earning points with every order.


Get a $5 reward for every 75 points earned. ($1 = 1 point)

* Rewards program subject to change

Download our app - $5 off your first order over $25. Easy ordering and line skipping!
Download our app - $5 off your first order over $25. Easy ordering and line skipping!


How can I see my rewards balance? Your reward points balance can be seen by logging in to your account on the Miami grill website or app and clicking the rewards tab or by Clicking here to login to the portal.

No you can only redeem one reward per transaction.

Miami Grill and Spendgo have access to customer data. We value our guests privacy and will never rent or sell your information.

Yes log in to your MyMiamiGrill account located Here and search for your transaction using your receipt and transaction number.

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