Miami Grill Launches Wynwood Collectible Cups Series II with ATOMIK

The wait is over! Miami Grill, the iconic fast-casual restaurant with a menu as diverse as the city for which it’s named, is delighted to announce that the first of two 2022 limited-edition Collectible Cups is out and available at all locations. Created by graffiti legend ATOMIK, the design may be viewed at

A sponsor of the Wynwood Mural Fest, Miami Grill introduced the Collectible Cups series last year to highlight and support the city’s inspiring and innovative arts scene. Both of this year’s artists are Miami residents whose esteemed street work and canvases can be found throughout South Florida, the Caribbean, and Europe. The next one-of-a-kind Collectible Cup and the identity of the second artist will be revealed shortly.

“As longtime advocates of the local arts community, it’s thrilling to join forces with individuals who represent and use their art to depict the different styles and cultures that can be seen throughout Miami,” said Miami Grill Director of Marketing Lyle Cayce. “What’s equally exciting is the response from our guests; last year we issued four cups, and they sold out almost as soon as they hit the shelves. We expect that to happen again.”

ATOMIK, who trained as a graphic designer, is part of the MSG (Miami Style Graffiti) crew, a famous group of local graffiti artists. He has marked the walls of Miami with sleek hand styles, playful characters, and distinctive lettering, and his work has become a symbol of the city’s culture. ATOMIK’s seminal Orange character, which emerged as a response to the demolition of the Orange Bowl, has brought a piece of Miami to dozens of countries around the world on a variety of media including paper, canvas and street signs.

The Collectible Cups cost just $2.99, and the first one can now be purchased at all Miami Grill locations, while supplies last. Guests will also be able to upgrade their Meal Deals for $2.99 to receive larger fries and the Collectible Cup. Guests may also return to any Miami Grill with their Collectible Cup for 99¢ refills.

About Miami Grill
Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, Miami Grill ® is the hottest fast-casual concept to hit the market. Developed by the owners of Miami Subs, Miami Subs Capital Partners 1, Inc. and key equity partner, Armando Christian “Pitbull” Pérez, South Florida based Miami Grill embodies the vibe of a rich, lively city and serves a menu as diverse as the city itself. For franchising or more information, visit Miami Grill.

About Wynwood Mural Fest
Wynwood Mural Fest celebrates street art, graffiti, and independent culture in Miami’s Wynwood Art District during Art Basel Week and beyond. Festival organizers, artists, and partners unite each fall to foster a stronger creative community and energize the neighborhood through large scale urban art collaborations. For more information, please follow Wynwood Mural Fest on Twitter @WynwoodMural or Facebook and Instagram @WynwoodMuralFest #WynwoodMuralFest.


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