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In the wake of an unprecedented global pandemic, the restaurant industry has seen its share of disruption. Thanks to technology, restaurants have been able to respond and pivot with options like new and improved online ordering, contactless pickup, multi-lane drive-thru options and more. Even before COVID, technology was a driving force in the industry. For digital natives and newer restaurant concepts, technology was a natural inclusion, sometimes even the starting point. For the big staple brands, it was simply part of the next wave of evolution.

No matter what size your operation, it’s clear now more than ever before that technology will be a central part of your restaurant. Voice recognition ordering is one of the biggest trends to hit the industry, with marketers trying to reach users where they are (online and on their phones). Artificial intelligence is also seeing its popularity rise, as are the likes of mobile payments and self-order kiosks.

There is no doubt about it: Technology has risen to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world and evolving consumer demands. Here are some of the ways the Miami Grill team is rethinking tech in the digital age.

Miami Grill’s Best-in-Class Restaurant Technology

Open Cloud-Based P.O.S. 

Miami Grill franchises feature full integration across all technology systems in a way that streamlines operations. Our platforms are easy to use. All orders that come in to our restaurants, whether through third-party delivery or the Miami Grill app, are aggregated directly into our POS system and onto our kitchen display screens, so there is no time lost and the kitchen staff can prepare the orders right away.

Self-Ordering Kiosks

Put the power of personalization right in the customer’s hands with self-ordering kiosks that elevate the experience, create faster checkouts and connect back to inventory and back-end systems. Self-ordering also tends to provide a higher check average, due in large part to the built-in suggestive selling feature, as well as our high quality product images displayed.

Smart Back-End Systems

All Miami Grill inventory, scheduling, management reporting and other back-end systems were specifically chosen to help support efficient operations. 

AI with Voice Recognition

We’re always looking for ways to optimize labor dollars for franchises and their teams. Currently, we’re testing new artificial intelligence technologies that use voice recognition for use in our drive-thrus, further improving the customer experience and improving workflow in the restaurant.

Zoom Right Through

We have also recently instituted Zoom timers in our drive-thrus to help measure time performance so that franchisees can better optimize their drive-thru operations.  After all, this is a pennies and seconds business.

Equipment Automation

We’re continuing to test the latest restaurant equipment that streamlines the food preparation process and optimizes labor dollars.

Comprehensive Analysis Tools

In addition to in-restaurant technology, Miami Grill is also investing in the future of real estate prospecting. We are currently testing new analysis tools to help us better analyze potential sites. With this analysis, we can better anticipate how a restaurant may perform in any given market. 

From adjusting to new regulations in a post-COVID world, to creating better inventory control, simplifying scheduling, improving the customer experience and more, Miami Grill works hard to stay on the cutting edge of technology advancements for the restaurant industry. 


Are you thinking about franchising but not sure where to start? Have questions about our franchise technology? We’re here to help. Reach out to us any time! 


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